Interactive Alphabet – Apple iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone

This app brings the alphabet to life as your child gets to play and learn all at the same time. Each letter has an example of a word beginning with that letter and your child gets to interact with the word. Don’t be surprised if your child is in a hurry to see what excitement the next letter brings. With funny graphics and clear pronunciation, this app makes learning fun and is sure to delight any youngster that is looking to develop their word skills.

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FirstWords: Animals – Apple iPad, iPhone

Learning words through fun is the aim of the First Words: Animals app which will help your child recognise letters and develop word pronunciation. The colorful characters and swipe action game-play will ensure your child is eager to play again and again. When the animal’s name is spelled correctly, your child is rewarded by the animal spinning joyfully around before the next word challenge is presented to them. It’s a fun app that is perfectly aimed at its intended age-group.

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Super Why! – Apple iPad, iPhone, iTouch

The popular characters from the PBS children’s television show Super Why are here to make reading more fun for children aged between 2 and 6. With 4 games to play, there is a high level of interaction involved and the app faithfully recreates the TV show. With over 50 stickers to collect, your child will have endless fun with all of the games, all the while improving their word skills and knowledge of the alphabet.

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The Cat in the Hat – Apple iPad, iPhone, iTouch

There are few children’s books as legendary or as loved as The Cat in The Hat and it magically transforms to life on this iPad app. Featuring the original illustrations, your child can read along themselves or have the story read to them. Interactive features allow the reader to flip the pages and learn about the illustrations, this app will be returned to many times as your child enjoys the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss.

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Welcome to the Dad of Apps

iPad and a Bluetooth Keyboard
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If you are like me, you have a child or two or three+ (I have 2), have a phone or tablet that accepts apps, but don’t know which apps to download for your children.  That’s precisely why I started this website.

My son just turned two and he was given an Apple iPad.  I logged into the App Store but was clueless as to which apps I should download for him.  After going thru the first 10 apps, I settled on three.  But I wasted lots of time doing so and with two children at home and a busy job, time is extremely valuable to me.

The goal of this site is to vet apps, with the Dad of Apps seal of approval.  Dad of Apps stands for trust, authority, and fun.  The review guidelines are public and we expect to have over 50 full reviews online by end of 2010.  Over time, we expect to cover Apple Apps, Blackberry Apps, Android Apps, and Windows Apps.

If you want to contribute or help out in anyway, please feel free to get in contact.  Thanks for stopping bye.

Darren (a.k.a Dad of Apps)

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